October 17, 2018

So far.

2018 has been nothing but tough so far. It's been loaded with many tears and heartache.
I've been away for so long and I miss this place so much.

July 28, 2017

Welcome, little one!

As I'd mentioned before, the little hatchling was born on June 17 and she has been nothing but a sunshine to us. We named her Gisela, after my beloved grandma. I'm certain that it's a girl, because after 2 days I checked her wings and saw 2 rows of feathers. Gisela is showing all of the signs that she's a pullet.

She's 6 weeks old now and I have taken quite a few pictures of her already. She is so sweet and as mild as a dove. ❤ She jumps up on the hands or lap when she sees one of us and she loves sitting on the shoulder and see the world from a new perspective.

June 18, 2017

A little hatchling!

Ohh, this is so exciting!

Brunhilde, one of my chickens, has been broody for the last 21 days. And today was the day. A little baby chick hatched. I didn't really see a lot of her/him yet, but it's most definitely a dark chicken. I had to lift Brunhilde up to see how far the hatchling was, after I noticed a really small peck on the shell in the early morning hours. And as I lifted her up, a little black feathered ball was screaming at me. :)

Brunhilde has been so brave and valiant since day 1 and I'm so proud of her. This is the first time for her and for me also. I've had these 12 beautiful chickens for almost 2 years now and a few of them have been broody in the past. But it was always me who took their eggs away because I was afraid. How silly am I, right? I just didn't know anything about baby chickens and how to care for them after they hatched. And I thought before I do anything wrong, I simply do not let the hens go broody. But I've had enough time by now to read into hatchlings and baby chicks that I feel content enough to let them do their thing.

I hope I'll be able to post photos of the little one soon!

June 16, 2017

A silent journey.

It feels nice to sit here and start typing this blog entry right now. Though, it's a little awkward being back after over 2 years, to be honest. This extremely long break wasn't planned at all, I promise. Things just started to keep me from being motivated enough to write a new blog post. Days and weeks went by, weeks turned into months and these months turned into years in the end. The blog has been on hiatus in the past but never this long.

Oh wow, it is so nerve wracking to post after such a long hiatus.

I did have reasons for not being here for such a long time. So many things happened, so much has changed but I do not want to turn my first blog post into this really long sob story and I thought I'd post about everything, but one step at a time.

Truth be told, things have been quite overwhelming for me for the last 2 years. The saddest and most heartbreaking part, for me, was when I had to say my Goodbyes to my Bailey boy on August 27th, 2016. It came as a huge shock and there are days where I still don't really get it that he's not here anymore and that he's not coming back again. He was with me for over 10 years, so it's still not easy. The pain and heartache is still there and, especially after losing my Mom 7 years ago I have learnt that grief stays with you forever. It may hurt less from time to time, but it only takes this one song, this one photo, this one smell...and the heartache starts all over again. I know that Bailey is in a better place now and I'm very grateful that he went so peacefully.

In the last couple of weeks and months I have received a bunch of very sweet e-mails from people who follow my blog and I'd like to thank you all for that. After all this long time you're still around and I really appreciate that. Thank you for inspiring me to finally blow the dust away and update RusticJenn again. ♡